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Talent as a Service

The CRM talent market is hot. Administrators are now commanding salaries of up to $120,000/Year and it is incumbent on the employer to ensure that they are fully utilized. Leveraging a Partner Support model not only provides better resources and skillsets, but also provides you with flexibility to scale up and down as the work ebbs and flows.


Old World

Talent Challenges

Talent attraction and utilization become the employers responsibility. Ensuring that employees are fully utilized and skilled up to deal with the ever evolving technologies

Limited Capacity

Capacity is limited to the number of working hours in a day. Any attempts to increase output require additional hires or creative solutions

Fixed Expenses

Salaries and employee expenses represent a large portion of Operating Expense. In such a high demand market, finding quality talent at a reasonable rate is hard to come by


New World

Best in Class Skills

Front Street provides multiple capable and proven resources that can deliver administrative, development and project management skills,  and having demonstrated success throughout various implementations

Limited Capacity

With a team of admins and developers, Front Street is able to scale up or down as needed to align with any delivery timelines that need to be met


You pay only for the time that is needed. For periods that have low touch, hours are pushed to subsequent months to allow for greater flexibility throughout delivery

Support Model


Focus on

“keeping the lights on”

Salesforce Administration


Supporting the ongoing maintenance of Salesforce. Focus on ensuring system availability and maximizing the value of the

Resources & Capacity

Salesforce Certified Administrator(s) with a fixed monthly capacity


Time & Materials based

Development Support

Ad Hoc Development


Serving as Staff Aug for ongoing implementations and maintenance activities. Development and Administration capabilities to be made available and  are to be directed by
the client team

Resources & Capacity

Salesforce Administrator(s) and Developer(s) with flexible capacity

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